Nintendo-Themed Restaurant Locks Beverages Behind Amiibo Purchase

Despite being highly anticipated prior to launch, the new Nintendo-themed eatery Meteor Meal Diner is already at risk of losing its last life. In classic Nintendo fashion, the restaurant provides a stunning selection of quality dishes, but there have also been some questionable management decisions. Special dishes being purposefully limited and a Switch Online membership being required to access the building’s wifi are among some of these odd choices. Most of the confusion, however, comes from what is referred to as the “pay-to-eat” system.

Almost all beverage options must be unlocked by way of Amiibo figures. Despite the plethora of personalized drinks to whet the appetite, specific drinks can only be ordered after placing the required Amiibo on the table. The most extravagant refreshments can only be unlocked after scanning rare Amiibos, like Chuckola Cola only being available with the Bowletta figure, of which only 150 were ever made due to how horrifying Bowletta looks.

Conveniently for baffled Amiibo-less patrons, there is a packed gift shop at the front of the store that holds many of these items, and all purchases will add points to the buyer’s account allowing them to unlock menu items past the appetizer level. The gift shop functions much like one does at a Cracker Barrel, but instead of being occupied by aging people pining for the days of classic Southern tradition, it’s occupied by aging people pining for the days when Nintendo didn’t pull this bullshit.

Even with the seemingly endless amount of hurdles and paywalls set up, the eatery has thus far been deemed a success. With the exception of a handful of negative Yelp reviews, the majority of customers look past these obstacles and gladly throw their money for a meal that looks like it’s straight from Breath of the Wild.

The platters of video game-based meals appear to be of excellent quality, but the few naysayers wonder if the tasty dishes are worth the lofty price. After all, no one is stopping these fans from making their own home cooking based on these meals. No one except for Nintendo, who will sue you into oblivion if you so much as shape any foodstuff into anything resembling a Shine Sprite.

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