Nintendo Switch Online’s New Rewind Feature Not Going To Bring Her Back

Nintendo Switch Online’s NES emulator is packing a new feature that’s coming up later this month—a rewind feature. The rewind, which will allow you to move back through the game’s memory through snapshots (think quicksaving before massacring Whiterun) in order to make crushingly difficult games for the NES a little more accessible. This feature will definitely make it easier to finish off frustratingly difficult games such as Ghosts ‘n Goblins and Ninja Gaiden, but Tom, there’s no way that this can bring her back, and you need to move on. It’s been four years. She would want you to be happy.

From Nintendo’s release this week, it looks like the rewind feature will be fully integrated and automatic, not relying on the player to quicksave at a certain moment but rather periodically creating a save state in the game’s memory that the player can jump back to at will. We’re sure lots of us will be very happy to use this to nail some of the more pixel-perfect jumps, and while we’d all love a redo of that dark night, one where that semi didn’t run that red light, we all think that you owe it to her and yourself to be happy. That’s why we’re all here today, Tom. For you.

The NES app, which is part of Switch Online, is making classic games much more accessible to Switch owners, which is saying a lot seeing as how most NES, SNES, and even N64 games can be played on a mobile phone with pretty trivial setup. More classic games seem to be around the corner for Switch Online too, so we’re excited to see what Nintendo does with its old properties. See, Tom? There’s so much out there. Go see it, not just because you can, but because she can’t.

Here’s hoping they add some SNES games soon! It’s what she would have wanted.