New Sims 4 Mod Lets You Manipulate Real-Life Friends And Family Into Doing Your Bidding

Modders never stop surprising us. Whether it’s adding Master Chief to Skyrim, adding Thomas the Tank Engine to Skyrim, or adding Sonic the Hedgehog to Skyrim, those kooky codeslingers continue to push the bounds of creativity in ways that Bethesda can only dream of, assuming that they dream of memes and intellectual property violations.

That said, the latest and greatest mod taking the Sims 4 community by storm is no meme: known as Demiurge, it allows users to indulge their intense craving for control by customizing the bodies, minds, and clothing of real, physical people they actually know. It does this with what its sole developer, a cloaked and bloodstained figure calling itself “The Ruiner,” assures us is a combination of “dark programming” and “the arts once thought lost.” Standard stuff when it comes to modding EA games, but the results speak for themselves.

“My boyfriend, Alex, always used to go out drinking with his friends on weekends,” gushes user Hammerific in an enthusiastic review, “but now that I’ve removed his Outgoing trait, he’s more than happy to sit at home and put on the outfits I give him! Plus, I’ve made him look exactly like J-Hope from BTS!” An accompanying photo shows a smiling, effeminate Korean man striking a pose, a green diamond floating above his head. His smile doesn’t reach his eyes.

A patch for Demiurge was released just hours ago, which fixed several critical bugs and added the option to incorporate user-created clothing: most notably, the bug that would cause “targets” to start screaming and never stop has been patched. However, removing exploits like infinite money or penis duplication have already drawn backlash: a post entitled “Second Penis Now Permanently Flaccid” topped the EA forums yesterday, also posted by Hammerific. It too contained accompanying photos, even though we here at Nerfwire really wish it didn’t.

In response, The Ruiner has promised to add a toggle option to reinstate these glitches if its two hundred dollar Patreon milestone is reached: currently, Demiurge only makes around six dollars a month. When asked why they wouldn’t pledge money to someone who enables them to defy the laws of time and space, users unanimously responded that paying for a mod would defeat the point. After all, why pay for a game you’ve already bought?

Every Sims 4 player polled for this question went on to spend forty dollars on the latest Sims Stuff Pack, “Three Outfits and Two Chairs, Again.”