New PUBG Patch Fixes Nothing, Adds Golfing Game Mode

The most recent addition to PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds was far from what fans were expecting yesterday, and the strange update has stirred as much outcry as confusion from the game’s sizeable community.

“So let me get this straight,” streamer Chocotaco said on stream while reading the patch notes live. “Golfing, dude? How long did they spend on this? They can’t get bullets right so they’re going to try their luck whacking a ball around?”

The patch, live on the test servers at the time of this writing, includes several golf-specific maps and emotes, plus a number of individually modeled golf clubs. In a personal addition to the patch notes, Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown) writes, “I’m extremely proud to finally unveil the game’s primary mode of play. I understand there may be some among you who see this move as off-base, but I assure you: golf has always been at the very core of our vision for the game. This is what makes Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds.

Twitch streamer Shroud, who has already risen through the ranks and proven himself an unparalleled PUBG golfer, had a mixed reaction. “I like that they finally added new game modes,” he said while consistently achieving par or better on stream, “but I was thinking more like ‘capture the flag’ or something. Anyway, I’ll probably play some Fortnite after this.”