New Mechanical Keyboard Comes With Speaker To Make It Louder

Great news for PC gamers who want that little extra kick! Fnatic’s new mechanical keyboard, the MegaStreak, not only features the loudest, clickiest switch on the market—the Cherry MX Blue—but also comes with speakers to make your typing even louder. Whenever you press a key, the keyboard plays a pre-recorded click at an adjustable volume ranging from “mildly obnoxious” to “apocalyptic.”

“The MegaStreak is top-notch,” reports one early adopter in their online review. “It has all the functionality and responsiveness of a normal mechanical keyboard, but it also makes my ears bleed. Now, whenever I start typing during a Zoom call with my coworkers, the entire meeting comes to a screeching halt until I’m finished. I can’t even hear them desperately screaming at me, begging me to mute myself. Thanks, Fnatic!”

Fnatic’s website proudly extolls the many uses of its latest product. “When you buy Fnatic, you’re not just purchasing a way to punch numbers into a quarterly report,” the description reads. “The MegaStreak lets you ruin your roommate’s horrible music, convince someone on the phone that you’re going through a tunnel, or even drown out your mother’s constant sobbing. The Fnatic MegaStreak is also a great way to let your neighbors know that you own a Fnatic MegaStreak, just in case the complementary sticker isn’t ostentatious enough.”

“The Fnatic MegaStreak: it’s not just a keyboard, it’s also really fucking loud.”

Countless users have already reported that the satisfying click of the MegaStreak has made them appear more interesting and “techy” to their friends and coworkers. “And if they don’t like it,” one user claims, “I can simply drown out the haters.” The MegaStreak is on sale now for just $99.99, plus a set of industrial protective earplugs for an additional $49.99.

[Update: Krisp, best known for the noise suppression support it lends to Discord, has released a statement saying: “This is it. This is what we play for. This is our Superbowl.”]

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