New League Of Legends Champion Breaks The Game And We’re Just Going To Keep Reusing This Article From Now On

Bad news for League of Legends players: it looks like [new champion] could completely turn the game on its head. Just like [previous champion], [champion before that], and [champion before that], [new champion] is completely shaking things up on the PBE. If you already hate [champion designed by CertainlyT], you’ll despise [new champion].

[New champion] is everything that made [old champion] broken, but with even more [AoE/healing/global/dash/passive/turret] mechanics for good measure. The character is already seeing tremendous success with professional players and is expected to wreak havoc on the esports scene, boasting a pick/ban rate of nearly 100% in Challenger. “What makes [new champion] so strong isn’t their [traditional mechanics],” states longtime pro [not Doublelift]. “What really puts them over the top is their [new, bullshit mechanics].”

But while the pros flex their skills, many average players are already voicing their grievances. “Does anyone else feel like [new champion] is complete horseshit?” asks Reddit user [bereft Skarner main]. “They’re so annoying to play against, it feels like there’s nothing I can do to counter them. When my opponent is playing [new champion], their success is completely dependent on their own play. I’m not even a part of the equation; there’s no interactivity at all. For a company whose design philosophy seems so driven by counterplay, it’s a huge oversight.”

Still, most players seem to agree that “[new champion]’s art is fucking sick, there’s no question about that.”

“It used to be that Riot would intentionally release new champions in a somewhat overpowered state and nerf them later, just so everyone would learn the new ropes,” adds [silver IV jungler who’s played since season 2]. “But why is [champion that came out two years ago] still dominating every esports match? What the fuck?”

“One thing is certain,” the user continues, “I hope they never release another champion like [new champion] ever again.”

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