New Indie Game Literally Just A Single Pixel Changing Colors

RGB, by Lone Duke Studios, is an indie title that’s trying to change everything—one pixel at a time. Or, actually, just the one pixel.

RGB is actually a fantasy RPG,” claims project head Darren Koffer. “It just has a very unique interface. The pixel on the screen can be 8 different colors, and they all mean something different. If the pixel is blue, it means your character is alive. If it’s red, it means the character has died. If it’s yellow, it means that Gor’Thak the Shadow Wyrm has infested the character’s thoughts and they are unwillingly working as a spy for the Void Council by sharing all of the king’s secrets. If it’s purple, it means you’re running out of mana. And so on and so forth.”

Players are calling RGB “genre defining,” “intuitive,” and “really hard to see in 4K.” Critics were initially skeptical of the title, but as small-studio indies have proved in the past, a cult following can be a powerful thing.

“Nowadays when I boot up World of Warcraft, I can’t help but laugh to myself,” says Reddit user Fleakly. “I’ve got 4 action bars, a bunch of people talking in trade chat, all these particle effects. They’re trying so hard, you know? I installed the addon that blacks out every pixel except for the center one, but the result just isn’t the same. It’s still too complicated—the pixel can be, like, 8 million different colors. How do they expect me to keep up?”

RGB is a very inclusive title, which may be partly responsible for its early success.The recommended specifications for RGB on Steam include “operating system,” and “screen,” which we here at Nerfwire believe almost every gamer out there has access to. The playable character can also be any race or sexual orientation, as long as that identity is red, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, black, or latino.

When asked about the next steps for RGB, Koffer just smiled and said, “Oh, we’re going to monetize this thing into the fucking ground.

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