New Call Of Duty Set In The War On Christmas

Since any game with the words “call of duty” in the title is invariably a best seller, Activision has announced yet another title in the series. Like all of the other titles before, this new Call of Duty entry will take place in a brutal and deadly war: the war on Christmas.

Call of Duty: Jolly Ops is promised to have a fully fleshed-out campaign mode as well as multiplayer. The campaign has you follow the exploits of Major Gus Hardson who is attempting to foil a band of terrorists who are holding the CEOs of America’s most profitable companies hostage until they agree to say “happy holidays.” Seeing as this is an obvious breach of our national safety, Major Hardson and his team of battle-hardened soldiers gear up to save the sanctity of the birthday of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Activision is not pulling any punches with this title. We got to see a trailer of a mission entitled No Elf where the player has to mow down hundreds of innocent and panicked elves with an M60 machine gun. Due to the graphic nature of this sequence, Activision did state that this mission was skippable, and that it probably would be removed entirely in the Australian version of the title.

The denouement of the Jolly Ops campaign appears to be a mission where you snipe the false pagan idol Santa Claus while he is giving a speech off of his balcony. After sneaking to the vantage point and stealthily dispatching his security protocol along the way, you end up having to quickly escape Vatican City. This mission has “game of the year” written all over it!

Call of Duty: Jolly Ops is also going to contain another game mode reminiscent of Nazi Zombies. In the mode, all you do is shoot blasphemous Starbucks coffee cups out of the hands of the increasingly secular public.

Despite the boundary pushing-campaign, the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Jolly Ops is wholly unchanged from Black Ops 2, with the addition of unlockable candy cane skins for your M16.

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