New Beach Volleyball Game Promises To Feature Absolutely No Volleyball

It’s a move that players are calling “unorthodox,” “game-changing,” and “a great way to free up my other hand.” GlobalEx, the developer of the SuperGirl Beach Volleyball series, has made the decision to drop the volleyball angle to their games entirely while keeping the same cast of characters and even the beach location.

“The idea to focus more on the girls and less on the sports came to us when we spent our entire budget on boob physics and had no money left to include a physics engine for a volleyball,” says CEO of GlobalEx, Thomas Bateman. “Dropping that direction has allowed us to focus on what our player base loves most: full frontal nudity.”

The new title of the series, which should ship for Christmas, will feature a cast of eight different women jumping around near a net, a scene that is expected to push fans of the series’ PC hardware to their absolute limits.

When reached for comment, managing director of GlobalEx, Jeb Myers, had this to say: “Listen. We know our audience inside and out. Our relationship is very intimate. We know what they want, and they know what they want, so we thought, let’s just cut out the middleman, and most of the clothes. We’re even doing a bit of rebranding, to build up our core audience.”

Look out for GlobalEx’s new title, Breasts, at a Gamestop near you.

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