Neat: If You Squint You Can Pretend These Fortnite Patch Notes Are For PUBG

According to reports, from certain angles or from really far away, players are able to suspend their belief long enough to believe that the recent patch notes released for Epic Games’ hit game Fortnite are actually for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

“Jetpacks. Nice, I’ve always wanted jetpacks in PUBG,” says Darren Turner, wearing sunglasses in a dark room while reading Fortnite patch notes that he’s printed on a piece of paper. “I bet these’ll work out of the box.”

It’s a little ritual for Turner and those like him; a moment of solace away from the game-breaking bugs and optimization issues of a game loved so much. “It’s a guilty pleasure. God, it feels so wrong, but I just can’t help but pretend PUBG is well-optimized and pumped with cool new features several times a month,” claims Amanda Garon, who spoke to us through the very fine, partially-see-through mesh that she reads patch notes through. “I tried to play Fortnite with this setup to see if I could convince myself it was PUBG, but you can’t hide stable frame rates.”

PUBG Corp’s new initiative, “Fix PUBG,” is a “months-long campaign to deliver changes and improvements that you’ve been asking for.” Players are calling the initiative “a little late,” “a step in the right direction,” and “hard to see now that I’ve surgically made it so my eyelids can’t open past squinting.”

Fortnite’s new initiative, “make a lot of money with an optimized and well-supported game,” is doing rather well, according to community reports.