Nasus Main Farms Q While Brother Drowns In River

Tragic story today as Nasus main Jeremy “DogChamp” Yuen was too busy stacking his Q to save his brother, Kyle, from drowning in a river. DogChamp was reportedly too invested with getting to 300 stacks before the twenty-minute mark to hear his brother’s water-muffled cries for help.

“Plus three!” exclaimed DogChamp excitedly, smashing a bug with his walking stick as his younger brother waded into a deceptively fast-flowing river. “D Cane!” he further yelled while whacking at a tree, ignoring his brother’s pathetic attempts to swim against the rapidly increasing current.

DogChamp and his brother had gone out to the woods for a swim, but DogChamp got excited when he saw a lizard, which he viewed as being worth “six stacks” and chased after it as his brother dipped his toe into the water that would imminently be his doom. DogChamp did not realize anything was amiss until he had reached 300 stacks by fifteen minutes, a personal record for him. 

“Sounds to me like Kyle should have played safe and waited for Jeremy to scale,” said the boys’ mother. “I always warned Kyle to stay back and not go past the river, but he did and he died for it. Little inter if you ask me. Reported.”

DogChamp eventually recalled back to the car where he did not find his brother. He found the boy’s body floating among some rocks later. He attempted to revive Kyle by counting down a thirty-second death timer, but to no avail.

At this time, witnesses claim DogChamp cradled his brother’s bloated corpse and spoke his last words to him: “Play for late game I scale.”

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