Man Who Has No Idea What Death Stranding Is About Sure It’ll Be GOTY

“I don’t usually preorder, but…” starts Evan Grange, fresh back from E3. “If you think I’m missing out on this one, you’re crazy. I mean, having a linear, open world like what we saw in the trailer? That’s the kind of story-driven gameplay-focused visual novel shooter that I’ve been waiting for. No doubt a year from right now I’ll be buying the game of the year edition.”

Death Stranding, which we would usually describe briefly in this paragraph, is a game that seems beyond description—starring a motion-captured Norman Reedus delivering what appears to be a baby in a tube through a vast, dystopian wasteland. The open-ended nature of the trailers so far seems to point towards a story-driven adventure, taking the main character through a large and varied world.

“Look at the last few years. God of War, Breath of the Wild, Overwatch. What do these games all have in common? They’re open-world physics-based team shooters; just like Death Stranding could be, based on the trailers. It’s a sure thing,” claims Grange as he begins his preemptive review of the game, entitled Gaming’s Mona Lisa. “Besides, has Kojima ever let us down before?”

Hideo Kojima, best known for the Metal Gear series, P.T., and his breakout role as Assistant Designer on 1986’s Penguin Adventure, has certainly delivered in the past. The amount of marketing surrounding the game, and the amount of star power that is being lent from Reedus, Kojima, and others puts the game in a promising spot.

But Madden 20 is coming out this year, so we’ll hold our judgment for now.

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