Man Feels Deep Shame As He Enters Podcast Promo Code

Local sicko Scott Ruper was forced to look deep into the dark abyss of his soul earlier this week as he performed one of the most humiliating acts a human being can do: entering code COOLBOYS10 for a 10% discount on novelty underpants. 

“I never thought it would come to this,” said Ruper, who until now had managed to keep his podcast fandom separate from his shopping habits. “But money is tight, and so are my current underpants. I needed something that was anti-microbial and featured a range of pop-culture adjacent designs. The Cool Boys offered a solution, and God help me, I accepted.”

Ruper has been a long-time fan of The Cool Boys Having A Cool Talk podcast, which centers on three funny friends talking about movies and their penises. The hosts are called Michael and Matt or something, we’re not looking it up. They had Dax Shepard on last year.

“We’re sponsored by all the standard podcast ad companies,” said Matt or whatever. “The undies one, the mattress one, the website building one, the meal delivery one, the boner pills one, the stamps one, and Blackwater, the mercenary army responsible for the Nisour Square massacre. We offer promo codes for all of them, but we don’t expect anyone to actually use them. You’re really gonna take shopping advice from a podcast? Hell, you really listen to the ads on a podcast?”

At the time of writing, Ruper’s funny undies were en route to his house and were scheduled to arrive within the next couple of days. We can confirm that they’re just like regular underpants that he could’ve just bought at a store instead of paying way too much for a mail-order service just because the little friends in his AirPods told him to.