Madden 21 Features Coach Flaunting COVID Precautions And Game Being Delayed

Wow, the most realistic Madden yet, Madden NFL 21, will feature your coach flaunting COVID precautions and delaying your game! Not shying away from the pandemic, Madden 21 will place heavy focus on your franchise’s coaching staff being careless and infecting their facilities, forcing you to play on a Tuesday.

The revolutionary mechanic is found in every game mode. If you do a quick play game, there is a team-dependent RNG seed that will determine how many of your players are forced to sit out by the NFL. Each team has a different modifier for this—the Broncos might have to play with only practice squad players—but the game will bend over backwards to make sure that you get a full team when you play as the Ravens.

Franchise mode will allow you to play as a strength and conditioning coach who knowingly has been exposed to COVID and still goes into the team’s facilities, infecting dozens of employees and players. If you are especially adept, you can even have the upper management ignore the obvious health risks and have practice anyway. So realistic!

You will have to deal with a litany of unexpected problems that were unheard of in previous Madden titles, such as a player sneaking a woman into his hotel and having to be cut, or your players posting photos of themselves partying on social media without a mask, or starting a quarterback who has never played the position because the League fucking hates you.

Many factors can impact your team. Your team’s owner might be a greedy, decrepit fuck like Jerry Jones who will not limit seating as much as is clearly needed. You might be in a geographic and political shithole like Kansas City, so backward yokels will come to your game in droves and give each other the virus. This all leads to a deeper and more immersive experience than previous Madden titles.

So be careful out there! Your team will have many more roadblocks and hurdles to overcome! Unless you pick the Ravens, in which case a virtual Roger Goddell will come and blow you for free.

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