Local Bitch Refuses To Give Handsome Games Journalist A Chance For No Reason At All

In news that surprises no one because I always knew you were shallow and only go for guys who look hot but will treat you like trash, Dick’s Sporting Goods Assistant Manager and ill-fated Tinder match Rebecca Delano refused to give a handsome and ultimately really nice guy that would have treated her like a queen no chance at all.

Delano, 24, and not nearly as hot as she is in her pictures, by the way, totally blew off a date with an esteemed member of the Nerfwire writing staff after he remarked that her being ten minutes late for their IHOP date, which he would have paid for, wasn’t a good character trait.

The writer in question, upon interrogating Delano as to why her and the rest of her kind thus far have treated him in this way, was left with nothing but silence, which his Counter Strike: Global Offensive Discord group agreed was proof that she’s a good-for-nothing, self-obsessed basic bitch who probably wouldn’t even be able to have an intelligent discussion as to why The Last of Us 2 is a feminist assault on society.

At the time of this publication, Delano has still not replied to the writer, seemingly ignoring or being unaware of his significant writing credits clearly viewable on Nerfwire.com and other gaming journalism sites, or his impressive Legendary Eagle Master rank in CS:GO.

When asked to comment for the purposes of this article, Delano also couldn’t be reached for comment, because she’s an ugly time waster who wouldn’t know a gentleman even if he messaged her thirteen times in one day.

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