Live-Action Mega Man Show Requires Game Genie To Get Past Elec Man Episode

While neither Capcom nor Netflix has gone on record to confirm a live-action Mega Man show, we can confirm through our sources that not only is it in development, but that the Elec Man episode is super tough, and will require a Game Genie to get through.

“Older millennials and Gen Z have a lot in common, entertainment-wise,” explained showrunner Henry Joost, who asked to remain anonymous during our hushed parking garage meeting. “We’re reaching out to both generations with some amazing new technology and astounding actors. When Mega Man reaches the boss, who it turns out may or may not be one of his younger brothers, the emotional strife and Elec Beam patterns are so ruthless. You’ll need to find a Game Genie, and good luck with that!”

Joost went on to hint at other options that were on the table, saying, “We actually originally pitched a different version with a different fight. We thought that the Guts Man fight would be a lot more impactful if you couldn’t get through it without your older brother’s help, but it turns out he’s too cool for that now, and watches more mature films like Mortal Kombat. He did give us some fantastic feedback, saying that ‘you need to do it on your own, dickcheese,’ and for that, we are thankful.”

“We also suggested that if you pause when the Yellow Demon is on screen, it skips to the credits, but they said that’s too deep of a cut and no one would find it,” Joost lamented to us privately.

While Netflix hasn’t confirmed or denied the show’s production, they have already ruled out the possibility of a season two, since that’s when passwords come in, and they already have enough of a problem with password sharing.

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