Life Is Strange 2 To Pay Homage To Telltale By Being Cancelled Halfway Through

Last week, Telltale-inspired adventure game Life is Strange 2 launched its first of five planned episodes. Telltale Games, which all but shut down last month, was known for reinvigorating the adventure genre beyond its own games, indirectly giving us such titles as Life is Strange, Dreamfall Chapters, and Firewatch. Now, Life is Strange 2 hopes to pay tribute to the fallen titan by halting production about halfway through.

“It’s such a shame. We were all such huge fans of Telltale,” says Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange. “That’s why I’m excited to announce that we’ll be calling off the whole thing at some point during episode three. We do plan to begin production on episode three, we just won’t finish it. It’s gonna be awesome. Our shareholders won’t see this, right?”

“We’re also excited to lay off hundreds of employees without prior notice and without severance pay, hopefully ending up with a massive lawsuit on our hands.” Guilbert continues. “It’ll be a rough patch for the company, sure, but that’s just how much we love Telltale.”

We interviewed some of the staff on the Life is Strange 2 team to get their take. Character artist Laura Williams has this to say: “Wait, what the fuck? I’ve got two kids.” It’s a sentiment that echoes across much of the company, with a few notable exceptions: some of them have three kids.

After abandoning Life is Strange, DONTNOD plans to further its commitment to Telltale by picking up where one of its most widely beloved franchises left off before the shutdown. The third season of Minecraft: Story Mode will release in early 2019, meaning we still have plenty of time to destroy the internet.