LCS Viewer Unsure Which Light Beer For Him Thankful For Bud Light Ace

When a man reaches a certain age, a tricky journey is laid ahead of him—that of learning to enjoy beer—and it begins with a question: what beer is for me? Luckily LCS fans in crisis have an answer: the Bud Light ace.

“What beer is for me” seems like a simple question, perhaps even one with a simple answer, but countless dollars poured into advertising from alcohol producers around the globe suggest that there’s more to this than meets the eye. Some beer drinkers may focus on tradition—they drink local, they drink what their parents drink, and they are not to be dissuaded. Similar are those responsible for the craft brewing boom—hipsters, who make their purchasing decisions based on how little advertising has gone into their favorite beer: a can of pilsner that cannot be purchased, but must be found in the woods.

In the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), however, it’s a very different world: the question does have a simple answer.

“I was just grateful that they put it out there for me in a place they knew I’d be looking,” says Brandon Turner, 19. “I mean, I’ve never really drunk before, except for my dad letting me have a sip here or there. It’s just nice to know which large alcoholic beverage producer acknowledges this thing I enjoy.”

Budweiser are casting their sights not on the football enthusiasts watching the big game, but the man in the corner, on his phone, excitedly theorizing on what changes the Udyr rework will bring. He does not drink beer; he does not go out. He’s disappointed that there aren’t any non-diet sodas, and the Razr smartphone he’s holding is a testament to the fact that he’s not exactly great with money.

“Honestly, I did pretty well at the Superbowl party this year,” says TSM fan Adam Wessle, 21. “I brought a 24-pack of Bud Light Ace, which I think is the name of the beer, and that was only like 8 dollars. I had two of them, and I actually had a lot of fun yelling about how Roger Goodell is destroying the NFL.”

Bud Light profits from their LCS venture are expected to plummet this weekend when Red Bull will be releasing a new spot informing consumers they can add vodka to their product.

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