JRPG Looks Really Good, But Not Good Enough That You’re Gonna, Like, Play

Move over, Undertale: there’s a new JRPG on the block, and its name is Skybound. Smashing onto the indie scene last week, critics were blown away by the game’s deep and immersive story, which somehow amplifies the already-clever twist on established game mechanics into a truly mind-boggling 32-bit retro gameplay experience that’s well worth your while for the low price of $4.99, and this is about when you stop reading this article.

No, it’s cool. We understand, and so does the developer, Toby Jorgenson, who’s been living on food stamps and working tirelessly on this labor of love for over three years, not letting his social life or failing physical health get in the way of his masterwork. In his fragile, frail heart of hearts, he knows that it’ll be worth it just so that you can glance at this review, think “cool” to yourself, and then forget about Skybound forever.

We’re sure you’re busy playing better games, like League of Legends, the game you hate, you’ve hated for years, and are hardstuck Silver III in. 

You know that Skybound has eight totally unique endings, right? Toby really thought you would like that. He also really hoped you hadn’t played Earthbound. Is that it? Have you been playing Earthbound? Maybe you’re just a little done with JRPGs right now? That’s what it is, right? No, I don’t think Skyrim counts.

Well, if nothing else, it seems like you’re in the majority here. Despite receiving rave reviews, Skybound has sold only six copies, three of which were purchased using free Steam keys on G2A. Out of the people who did buy it, only one of them actually played the game: the others were too busy watching the new Cyberpunk 2077 trailers, which is, just, so totally fine.

At least the one guy who did play it left a thumbs-down, calling it “too similar to Final Fantasy,” thus dooming Skybound to be banished into the depths of Steam’s algorithmic hell. At least Toby’s cool with it, not that he’s returning our calls, or been seen in a few days.

All in all, we give Skybound an 8/10—it has a little something for everyone!

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