Joseph Stalin Shocked After Being Removed From League Partner Program

“What the hell? I didn’t do anything wrong!”

These were the words from Joseph “KulakSl4yer” Stalin on Thursday when he joined IWillDominate and TFBlade as victims of Riot’s recent ban wave from their League Partner Program. Stalin’s stream is famous for his one-tricking of Nunu mid, and his streams where he makes lists of enemies of the state that need to be liquidated.

“It’s a bunch of garbage,” said the streamer and party leader, visibly holding back tears. “Riot is giving me no explanation. I am bringing them way more viewers in my LCS co-streams where I explain champ picks, rotations, and how to assassinate your rivals with an ice pick. It is so unfair that they would single me out when I can name ten streamers right now who have also caused massive famines in Ukraine, killing millions.”

While Stalin continues to express confusion over his banning, more and more clips of him flaming teammates, trolling in champ select, and sending political opponents to Siberia to die in the tin mines are emerging on subreddits such as r/livestreamfails and r/authoritariancommunism. Immediately following the ban, he had his chat moderators shot.

“I love Joseph, he is a great guy, but his behavior on stream is unacceptable,” said former teammate Nikita “MissileCrysis” Khrushchev on his stream. “Like every one of us has said things we have regretted, or flamed teammates, but I think Joey probably has sent his son to die one too many times on stream for Riot to ignore. Thanks for the donation PussyCrusher.”

KulakSl4yer continues to deny that he deserves to be banned, just as IWilldominate and TFBlade show similar shock and bewilderment at their sudden partnership terminations. The three completely innocent streamers recently joined together to do an IRL stream of forcibly collectivizing farms.

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