It Happened Again: This Guy I Met In A Video Game Turned Out To Be Really Racist

Well shoot, it happened again. I met this really cool guy playing Halo on PC, and then he turned out to be unbelievably racist.

The comments started out innocuously enough: “Ah man, I hate it when people play elites, just play humans.” I kind of agree with that since I don’t like their hitboxes, but I got a bit suspicious when he shrieked, “Get ready for the Fourth Reich, shitters!” after we won snipers on Construct.

I don’t know why I let myself open my heart again and continued to play with this guy even when he started talking about how liberals were destroying America, and how the Confederate flag needs to be displayed to protect the white race. I guess I was just bored with Grifball and wanted to do something else.

You might consider me a coward for not standing up to him, but every time I tried to disagree, he just screamed “triggered” into his mic until it blew out his volume limit. He was a pretty good warthog driver, though.

I reached out to him today for a comment on this story, but he just gave me a lot of what I can only assume are alt-right dog whistles and esoteric slurs. I can’t print what he said, partially because it was almost certainly a direct attack on nearly everybody, and partially because it was entirely incomprehensible. I tried googling around for “1488,” but I don’t think anything significant happened that year.

I will do my best to push forward and keep playing with people I meet online, even though roughly 100% of them have been virulently hateful people. At the end of the day, all I can do is remember the good times, like when we got a triple kill, and try to forget the bad times, like when he blamed the “Jew game designers” for it not being an overkill.

Oh, he added me on Steam. Maybe one more game.

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