Irredeemable Scumbag Fuckface Loser Says ‘What A Save!’ In Rocket League Chat

Witnesses reported Tuesday that irredeemable scumbag fuckface loser Anoosy6 emoted with the “What a save!” emote after his teammate, hard-working patriot and defender of the innocent and the orange team’s goal, Meerkit44, allowed the blue team to score.

Realizing that the game’s netcode needs work so really it’s hard to be on top of your game at all times, viewers of the match spoke harshly of Anoosy6, citing that he hasn’t exactly been killing it this game either, and maybe if he spent less time emoting he’d be able to hit the ball for once.

“I was shocked,” remarked Meerkit44 during our interview. “I stuck my neck out for the guy, and this is the way he thanks me? The enemy team sees that too—now they know that one of the guys that they’re playing against is a Satan-worshiping meth dealer ISIS sympathizer who intentionally gives people AIDS at parties.”

Psyonix has been slow to respond after Meerkit44 heroically reported Anoosy6 for bad sportsmanship during their fateful game of soccar. A spokesman from the studio is on record as saying that he “did not have any information as hundreds of report cases come in every hour,” and that “use of the emote system is very rarely a reportable offense.”

Clearly, this goes much deeper than we originally thought.

When questioned post-game about his transgressions, Anoosy6, who is slated to be excommunicated from the Catholic church by the Pope himself, referred to his actions as “a funny joke.” After this, he remarked “gg,” which we can only assume stands for “gentrify Gambia”—and moved on to presumably cheat on his girlfriend, or commit tax fraud.

Anoosy6, who has yet to reply to any of the confidential ads Meerkit44 took out in local papers, is still out there. Nerfwire would like to warn its readers to look out for a car wearing a pirate hat with rainbows coming out of its exhaust pipes.