Incredible: EA Origin Fails Three Years Later Than Expected

Origin, EA’s answer to the ever-enduring Steam, launched all the way back in 2011. Even at that time, Steam seemed to reign supreme as the one-stop hub for nearly all PC gaming needs, with few serious competitors. Many balked at EA’s attempt to dethrone the platform, expecting Origin to fail within five or six years. However, through strength, perseverance, and money, Origin has proven its haters terribly wrong: it actually failed within nine years.

EA started returning games to Steam back in October, but this year—alarmingly close to its exact nine-year anniversary on June 3—they announced that the subscription service EA Access would be coming to Steam along with the dozens of games therein. EA is now releasing what appears to be its entire PC library to Steam in waves, including Battlefield V, The Sims 4, and Titanfall 2. It won’t be long before no one has to use Origin to make any purchase ever again, although the service itself is not shutting down. Take that, non-believers!

Many counted on popular exclusive releases like A Way Out and Apex Legends to rescue Origin from the depths of obscurity. EA even gave away games for free on occasion, offering keys for older titles like Sims 2 and 3 for anyone willing to simply open up the Origin client. Instead, gamers largely concluded that having to use Origin made free games feel costly, and this strategy would later be cannibalized by the Epic Store, which is currently making infinite money. Do you understand what that means? The free games thing was a good idea! Who’s laughing now?

It’s worthing noting that, in typical EA fashion, most of its Steam games still require you to play through the Origin client, which gamers agree felt great when Ubisoft did it. Rather than its own storefront, Origin is now the type of always-online third-party DRM that the gaming community famously adores, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Credit where it’s due, EA: you’ve proven once again that your heinous reputation is completely undeserved.

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