In Tribute To Trump, Teammate Denies Having Any Part In Losing

Truly inspiring: in a rousing tribute to America’s commander-in-chief, your teammate who sucked shit all game is now denying having any part in losing. This patriotic hero is mimicking the brave actions of our head of state by saying that he didn’t lose the game, and that if you think he did then you are conspiring against him.

Your courageous teammate, MAGAtron45, believed that his win in the late game was inevitable after a strong early game, not realizing the amount of scaling the opponent had. You told him multiple times to push his lead, otherwise the enemy would farm up and eventually overpower him, which they did. MAGAtron45 then heroically claimed the enemy team was cheating, because there is no possible way that they could win after losing up until the eleven-minute mark of the game.

“I didn’t lose lane, so I didn’t lose,” said patriot, lane loser, and Nasus opponent MAGAtron45. “It really seemed like we were going to win, and then what, the enemy Nasus pulls 600 stacks out of thin air? If you don’t see that the other team is cheating, you’re stupid. I have all the best strats. I’m submitting a ticket to the support staff; they’ll see my way. SEE YOU IN THE TRIBUNAL!”

Despite a decisive loss, MAGAtron45 refused to take any responsibility, and even denied that the loss was possible. Additionally, MAGAtron45 showed a lack of understanding of abstract concepts such as value, thinking that buying many cheap items was better than buying one expensive item. 

MAGAtron45 ended the game saying that he was never going to surrender, despite the enemy having literally already won the game on their own. When Riot Games swiftly denied MAGAtron45’s claims to victory, instead of publicly addressing the League of Legends community to admit defeat with grace, he simply claimed “jung diff.”

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