‘I’m Trapped In The Game, This Is Not A Skin’ – Ninja’s Wacky In-Game Voice Lines

Epic Games has released the first in its new “Icon” series of Fortnite skins, a line-up dedicated to the game’s top community creators. And who better to start with than hallmark streamer Richard “Ninja” Blevins? What we didn’t know is that the skin would come with a full set of new in-game voice lines recorded by the legend himself, or that Ninja’s name was “Richard Blevins.” We’ve already had the chance to play as Ninja, and we could listen to him scream “Help! I’m trapped in the game, this is not a skin!” all day long.

The voiceovers have an impressive level of variety—we’re not sure we’ve heard the same one twice. Picking up a new weapon might trigger the line, “Please, don’t make me hurt them, they’re just like me,” or, if you’re lucky, you might hear him weeping softly while muttering “no, no, no.” There’s more than enough personality here to keep us enjoying the skin for a good, long time.

“Someone get in contact with my wife, she’ll know what to do!” shouts the funny blue man, playfully referencing Ninja’s real-life spouse of more than two years, Jessica Goch. We reached out to Jessica, who commented, “Aw, does he really talk about me in the game? That’s so sweet.”

But things take a turn for the dramatic when the player finds themselves on the losing side. Taking damage might cause Ninja to shriek, “God, fuck, I’m hit! How does it feel so real?” whereas getting knocked out might play the line, “Please God, please don’t kill me! Not again! I can’t go back to that place again!”

We hope you enjoy the Ninja skin as much as we did. We reached out to Richard Blevins for his own take on the new skin, but have not received any correspondence from him in some time. Good for him for getting off the grid for a while!

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