I Played Mathematically Correct Sett And It Brought My Parents Back From The Dead

This build is OP. “Mathematically correct Sett,” the build in which you prioritize AD, health, and CDR over anything else, has been taking Reddit by storm with eye-popping/INSANE plays. Not only can it allow massive Sett W shields and damage, but it also has brought my parents back from the dead.

Who knew that the power of mathematics could defeat the great oblivion that is our eternal rest? I didn’t even expect it, but after being inundated daily with Reddit highlights of people flash-W-ing as Sett, I knew I had to try it. I got into a game and was building my Goredrinker when I suddenly got a phone call from my mother. She hadn’t called me since that dark night when everything changed. She told me that the build was so good that it actually reverberated through the nameless beyond and brought her back into the world of the living. Of course, she was sort of “Pet Sematary’d,” but you need to take the good with the bad on this sort of thing.

When I first saw my father again, he was crying. I thought it was due to seeing me again, but it was actually just the true damage that was possible with mathematically correct Sett. “It shouldn’t be real,” the dark revenant that was once my father told me. “The W stack should not be nearly as quick as it is, and it shouldn’t be on a seven-second cooldown at max rank. Hell is real, and we are living in it.”

I took my parents to the top scientists in my area, but they were similarly baffled. They analyzed my parents inside and out and came to the conclusion that mathematically correct Sett is busted as fuck, and then sent us on our way.

I thought that everything was right with the world. My parents were back; even if they spent all of their nights screaming in a sleepless terror, it was still fun to disappoint them with how Game of Thrones ended. Sadly, one day, while my parents were being examined by the Vatican, I queued up a game as Gwen, and they spontaneously burst into ash.

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