Hypothetical Idea Of Witcher 4 Wins Game Of The Year

CD Projekt Red announced today that it has begun development for the latest installment of its popular Witcher series, which hours later won Game of the Year.

Accepting the award, Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński stated, “Is this… I’m sorry, is this for a Witcher 3 DLC? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, um… we didn’t put one of those out this year.”

The Game of the Year edition (and only edition) of CD Projekt Red’s fourth Witcher game will be released “sometime after we’ve figured out the writing, the visuals, the mechanics… literally everything,” said Iwiński in a comment. “We didn’t even know if we wanted to call it The Witcher 4.”

“But I guess we have to now,” remarked Iwiński, glaring anxiously at the metal plaque.

The Witcher 3 gained massive public and critical acclaim for having a sprawling open world that immersed players with a brilliantly pointed story and hundreds of hours of content to explore and master. The Witcher 4 is known for being the sequel to The Witcher 3.

“Usually you just put in the work and hope to find something that resonates with people. That alone is a huge undertaking. You can’t really start off with, ‘let’s make a Game of the Year title,’” Iwiński said as he finished up his award speech. “Now we need to make a Game of the Year title.”

At press time, Iwiński had become catatonic and would answer no further questions.