Huni Convinces Team To Give Him 37th Chance

Inspiring story today as struggling League of Legends pro Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon somehow convinced TSM to give him a thirty-seventh chance. Despite having a rough past four years, TSM management saw something in Huni that he had proven dozens of times before he no longer possessed.

“No man should be defined by his first failure. Or his second, third, fourth, fifth, or thirtieth,” says TSM’s former mid laner and current coach Bjergsen. “Huni [from five years ago] is just an all-around solid player, and I can’t wait for you to see him dominate the Rift, even if he hasn’t been able to do that the past thirty-six times he’s tried. He’s a genius with strategy. He’ll say, ‘Please, don’t make me play Gnar again, I am terrible at him,’ and he’s right! He is! Pretty amazing when you have a player who can basically see into the future.”

TSM had passed on Impact and Licorice—two players that have repeatedly proven themselves to be worthy and have terrific game sense—for Huni, who must have dirt on every owner in the league (and it must go deep).

“Look, I don’t get it myself,” says Huni’s agent, Huni. “Like, I have been stinking up the Rift basically the entire time I’ve been in NA. For some reason SKT hired me, which was nuts, since I am not particularly good at League of Legends, and we got to World Finals. Then Dignitas called me up, and they were like, ‘Is a million dollars okay?’ That blew my mind, since I thought teams would have caught on to me at that point. I told TSM that I was back in form, and to give me another chance, and for some reason they fucking said yes. Reginald actually looked excited, bless his heart. Anyway, that’s all background, no quotes for the article, okay?”

“Huni is just the perfect cultural fit for our team and our fans,” explained Andy “Reginald” Dinh, owner of TSM. “Huni gets renewed high expectations every year, gets every opportunity to succeed, and then crashes and burns horribly and visibly. Basically he does the same thing that TSM does every year, so he already knows our system.”

At press time, Huni was receiving an offer for a four-year, 82 million-dollar contract to play shortstop for the Mets.

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