‘Hipman 3’ About Real Cool Guy Having Heck Of A Day

Great news for longtime fans of the franchise: Hipman 3 is finally playable after a much-anticipated release, and we’re pleased to confirm that it’s a bold yet faithful continuation of the series. Much like previous installments, this game sees its protagonist having a real heck of a day. But Hipman 3 takes it up a notch when 47’s day turns not just chill, but totally breezy.

Everyone knows 47 for the iconic peace sign tattoo on the back of his head, which is totally fine because he doesn’t work in a profession that requires him to blend in. He’s a freelance video editor with a sturdy career, giving him plenty of free time to relax and set his own hours. They call him 47 because his dad was born in 1947 and his friends think he looks just like his old man, the frickin’ jokesters. He wears khaki cargo shorts and short-sleeve Hawaiian print shirts because he has no reason to dress up.

“We were thinking, right, let’s make Hipman 3, like, the quintessential Hipman,” remembers Paul Hobbes, IO Interactive’s creative director for the series. “So we’ve really endeavored to give you the most copacetic, hunky-dory, devoid-of-any-plot-because-that-would-include-conflict game that has ever been produced. And I suppose we’ll find out if we’ve pulled that off or not.”

Without getting into spoilers, Hipman 3 forces 47 to confront the deepest questions of his soul. Does he prefer rye or brioche? Rare or medium-rare? British tan beige or honey mist autumn? These dilemmas and more weigh faintly on our hero’s mind as he goes about his daily routine, including hitting up the supermarket to prepare for some grilling with the boys later in the day.

Hipman 3 is sure to be a popular release. We’ll see you back here in a few months when we review the game’s upcoming DLC, Hipman 3: Birdwatching With Pop Pop.

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