Hideo Kojima Allowed By Sony To Go On Walks Without Leash

News on Kojima Productions’ new project Death Stranding remains scarce, but we know one thing for certain: Hideo Kojima, the genius behind the classic Metal Gear franchise, is much happier than he was back at Konami. After leaving the company in 2015, he was adopted by Sony Computer Entertainment, and he seems much less on-edge in his new environment.

“They frequently allow me to go outside to play after work with my friends, Norman, Mads, and Guillermo,” said Kojima, one of the most legendary, universally recognized developers in history. “If I do a good job, they’ll even feed me a graham cracker.”

In his full interview with Nerfwire, Kojima goes on to explain how he’s been fed a consistent three meals per day, given bathroom breaks, allowed to go on walks without the use of a leash, and has even been given complete creative control over his new game. From the spring in his voice to the smile in his eyes, it’s clear that he feels like he’s finally getting the respect he deserves for creating one of the most publicly successful and critically acclaimed game series of all time.

When asked about his computer allowance, the iconic producer told Nerfwire, “They still have NetNanny installed on my laptop, and Sony blocked me from social media websites, but I can still have fun playing flash games and listening to my 80s CDs for up to two hours on work days before bedtime. It’s responsible, but it isn’t restrictive either. I have my fun.”

“Sometimes, they’ll let me go out, and they won’t even send anyone with me. I can go wherever I want, unsupervised,” explained one of the most visionary creators alive today. “Even, say, a gaming awards show for the unrivaled cultural landmarks I’ve created, if I really wanted to. It’s like a dream.”

Sadly, we had to cut short our interview with industry titan Mr. Kojima, as he was instructed that he needed to be in bed by 6:30pm.