Halo Infinite Director Fired After Investigation Finds He Liked Halo 4

More bad news from 343 Industries as Chris Lee, the director of Halo Infinite, was fired when an investigation revealed that he actually liked Halo 4. The game’s troubled production came to a halt when Microsoft discovered that their game’s director actually enjoyed that bloated disappointment of a sequel.

Concerns were first raised when old tweets of Lee’s surfaced in which he described Halo 4’s campaign as “compelling” and its multiplayer as “layered and addictive.” Microsoft confirmed they would not allow this kind of speech from their representatives.

“It is a shame that people still put forward these kinds of views,” says Microsoft vice-president Ben Woodson, “You try to catch these things, but sometimes they slip through the cracks. Let it be known that we have a zero tolerance policy of anyone who actually thought that the Didact would be interesting in a video game, or that Prometheans weren’t bland as fuck. These views are outdated and just plain wrong.”

Lee, unfortunately, doubled down on his troublesome statements, tweeting that “you don’t need to read the books to understand the game’s story,” a lie that has been frequently propagated by radicalized Halo 4 apologists.

Nerfwire will now publish a part of his statement on his firing. Our readers should be warned that the content therein is extremely graphic. Note that Nerfwire does not approve of such speech, which has no place in civil society.

“Look, I know it isn’t for everyone, but it was pretty fun. It wasn’t as good as Halo 3, but let’s be honest, what would be? I would say it was at least as good as Reach, which is really overrated. You could design loadouts in 4, that was so cool!”

While Nerfwire was hesitant to release the above statement, we thought it was necessary to shed light upon so that readers could understand 343’s decision to cut all ties with Lee and abandon him in the Amazon jungle with no food or water.

Lee’s replacement is currently under investigation for the part he played in making Cortana less thick in Halo 5.

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