God Of War 4 Curiously Lacking Iron Man, Hulk

Uh-oh, gamers—looks like the PS4’s latest critically acclaimed exclusive made it out the door with some huge oversights. The fourth installment of God of War has received massive praise from both critics and fans, and is regarded as perhaps the most emotionally earnest and personal look at the series’ iconic protagonist, Kratos. The game’s launch hasn’t been all clear skies and calm waters, however. In a humiliating blunder by its developers, God of War does not appear to feature one single Avenger, save for Thor. That’s right, MCU fans: skip this one if you’re looking for some classic Iron Man action.

How are they gonna talk their way out of this one?

God of War first debuted on the Playstation 2, and the series has since become famous for its fast-paced, destructive take on European mythologies, in particular the Greek and Norse pantheons. Given the nature of the series, of course it was only inevitable to see Thor and the rest of Marvel’s Avengers make an appearance. Yet as of this writing, it seems the overwhelming majority were left out entirely. Talk about a PR nightmare!

“I played through the entire game waiting for them to show up,” ranted one disgruntled fan on Twitter. “I scoured the game to find them, like geez, when are we getting to the good part? What’s the point of playing a God of War game if I don’t get to meet Captain America?”

“At least Hawkeye wasn’t there,” another fan writes.

But at least Thor is there, right? Well, don’t get too excited. While Thor is certainly a topic of in-game discussion and one of the most significant characters in the lore, the bulk of his screentime is taken up not by Thor himself, but by an oversized statue of him. And if that wasn’t bad enough already, members of the community have criticized the stone effigy as being “totally unfaithful to the character” and “not resembling Chris Hemsworth in the slightest.”

Although, we can all agree that the full-frontal nude Stan Lee cameo was the highlight of the experience. It was unexpected but definitely welcome.

Santa Monica Studios, the developers of God of War, certainly have a lot on their plates if they don’t want to risk letting all the good will they’ve built up over the years go to waste. Though I guess they could just slap some Thanos on that bitch like in fucking Fortnite.