Generous Audible Gods Grace Podcast With Sponsorship

Bequeathed from the heavens of their head office in Newark, New Jersey, the generous Gods of Audible have graced yet another podcast with the eternal gift of sponsorship. “Go to for a free Audible ebook,” sings David Marshall, reading from the holy texts that were emailed to him from the prophet [email protected]. “It really helps out the podcast, so make sure to check it out; and a shoutout to Audible for the sponsorship. Anyway, I know you’re all waiting to hear how we feel about Super Mario 64.”

Podcasters that are lucky enough to be blessed with the sponsorship are open to a world of opportunity, and a fortune that has been described as “limitless,” and “in the ballpark of fourteen dollars.” Shows that are lucky enough to be burdened with the profound responsibility of an Audible sponsorship are more likely to have hugely successful podcasts, bringing in tens of viewers a month—outside of their friends, family, or carpool.

David Marshall, one of the lucky few, took a moment away from his newfound superstardom to respond to our interview request. “Yeah, it’s nice to have finally made the big time,” he says, having just purchased a used Blue Snowball microphone off of Ebay. “Things are really going to take off for us now. Keep the name Game Talk with Marshall and Todd on your radar, because now we’re unstoppable.”

Listeners of Game Talk with Marshall and Todd could not be reached, as Todd works nights.

Nerfwire submitted a humble digital prayer to [email protected], and we were elated to receive a response: “I’m not sure of the nature of your email,” responded customer support agent Darren Bailey, hallowed be his name. “Are you looking for a sponsorship? We’ll give you a sponsorship. The only qualification is that you need to have an email to email us asking for a sponsorship.”

This week, Nerfwire recommends Before the Storm by Christie Golden. Download the free trial today!