Gandhi Looking Like A Snack In Civilization VI

Gandhi, also known as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, and Beefcake Supreme, has long been an essential part of Sid Meier’s strategy series Civilization. A quirk in the code made Gandhi one of the most aggressive leaders to play against in the first game, and a quirk in the artist’s hand must have made him one of the hunkiest snacks that has ever graced the gaming world.

It’s good to see Gandhi living his best life, and we invite fellow gamers to relish the first few centuries of any Civ VI game: the part before Gandhi realizes his full potential of nuclear warlord of the Earth and beyond, and is willing to actually grace you with his cut, lean-muscled body and form-fitting scarf/shirt combo. We’re told it’s a Dhoti, which he wore to identify with the poor, oppressed masses he stood with in quiet rebellion. It doesn’t hurt that it shows off those sweet pecs, though. Mmmf, right?

Civilization VI is known for a lot of things—having a rocky launch, taking the game in a new graphical direction, and being the game that that friend plays. Previous games haven’t made headlines for the chiseled features of their leaders’ toned bods, but in Civ VI, it’s impossible to look past the fact that the leader of the Indian Independence movement is one sexy nugget of man-candy. Non-violent in the streets, and abstinent in the sheets.

Just look at how he compares to his peers. Genghis Khan? I’m about to Genghis yawn! Gorgo? This Spartan queen is no Spartan dream! Poundmaker? Why not stop making pounds and start losing a couple? Gilgamesh? Doesn’t exist, stop kidding yourself. Gandhi has the ideal male body, and while we don’t exactly suggest his workout and diet regimen for everyone, you’re just going to have to get used to being a lesser man.

If we had to use one phrase to describe Gandhi, it would be “father of non-violent civil disobedience,” or “stud muffin with cream.” One of the two, or both.

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