Gamer Girl Win! Kim Yo-Jong To Be First North Korean Woman With A Steam Account

Great news, gamer girls! With Kim Jong-un’s sudden disappearance and the unconfirmed reports surrounding his health, it looks like his sister, Kim Yo-jong, might have to step up and take his place as North Korea’s Supreme Leader. This would make her the first woman in the country’s history to be allowed to have a Steam account—talk about a feminist icon! Can we get a yaaas?

The official Steam heatmap of global traffic has periodically displayed an extremely small number of accounts in North Korea—usually just one, centered around Pyongyang, the country’s capital. Due to the nation’s strict ban on Western entertainment, this can only mean one thing: Kim Jong-un himself uses Steam. Or should we say “used,” since badass woman Kim Yo-jong is about to take over! Slay, girl! We stan a politically active queen!

But watch out, gamer girls—our queen has a dark side! North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is easily one of the most oppressive regimes on Earth. As one of Kim Jong-un’s most trusted aides, Yo-jong holds tremendous influence in the countless crimes committed by the DPRK against its people: starving them not only of outside information and personal freedom but of life’s most basic necessities such as food and shelter. In other words, she’s like a real-world version of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, guys! Talk about a #girlboss!

Kim Yo-jong is on the front lines of smashing the patriarchy like a North Korean Beyoncé, with just as much flair and style. We love to see a woman in power abuse that power and facilitate an endless cycle of needless suffering upon innocent people. Rock that ash-colored blazer, girl! You make brutal dictatorship look so good, we can’t help but imagine ourselves there with you. Yo-jong is our evil lesbian wife, and she radiates so much top energy! Step on me, queen!

Kim Yo-jong is set to pick up her Steam account soon, at which point she will reportedly add a bunch of games to her wishlist and not buy any of them.

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