Game That Doesn’t Exist Yet In 30 Dollar Early Access

Working Title is going to be a game,” says David Preston, lead developer of Pine Bay Studios. “You’ll be able to use inputs to control a character. It’s a project that we’re very excited about, and we’re equally excited to open this work in progress to everyone through our Early Access release. As of right now, version 0.0 of Working Title is available on Steam. Make sure to pick it up!”

Working Title, which released today through Steam’s Early Access initiative, is the most ambitious and only project that David Preston has worked on in his game development career. The title’s Steam page, under which the genre is “game,” contains a variety of completely empty slides, in addition to several pictures of blank code compilers which Preston intends to use to code the game’s engine, graphics, and framework.

Critics of Working Title are calling it a “game,” and a “clear attempt at money laundering under investigation by a task force comprised of the IRS and CIA.”

“With Working Title, we really wanted to make a game,” Preston claims.

“Yeah, I’m really excited for the 0.1 patch to drop,” says Steam user Allison Deralec. “They put out the patch notes last night, and it looks like they’re going to change the name from NewTextDocument1.txt to WorkingTitle.txt. It’s really nice to see the developer being so transparent about the changes they’re making to the game.”

Working Title is currently available for thirty dollars on Steam, and Preston has promised that players who buy into the early access will “own the game.”

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