Free Version Of Avast Antivirus Getting Pretty Passive-Aggressive

“I didn’t get the chance to screenshot it,” says longtime Avast user David Havil, “but I’m pretty sure that little pop-up was just a complete account of my bank information. So that’s cool.”

After three years of using Avast’s free Antivirus tool, Havil claims that the program is getting more and more surreptitious in its solicitations. “Yesterday it asked me to update, and when I said I’d do it later, it just said ‘fine’ and turned itself off for a half hour.”

The last time that Havil noticed malware on his computer, he checked his virus definitions to see why the Antivirus hadn’t caught the malicious program. Avast informed him that it wasn’t a mind reader and would’ve known that David wanted it to look for viruses on his PC if they talked more.

“I tried installing Kaspersky, but I just got a bunch of system alerts asking ‘Who is she,’ and the install kept getting flagged as a virus. Best Buy won’t even let me return the CD, because they don’t believe me.”

Havil allegedly tried several times to uninstall the program, but was met with a message reading “We’ll talk about this when you calm down,” alongside a greyed out uninstall button.

When we reached out to Avast for comment, they read our email but did not reply.