Fantasy Racism Getting Pretty Close To Home

“When did we stop talking about these death knights, anyway?” A booming voice erupts from the other side of the bar as we interview proud blood death knight, Pacifix. “You’re telling me we trust these blue-eyed freaks to fight for the Alliance off on some strange shore? Keep ‘em out of it, that’s what I say.”

“Wouldn’t hear that around the garrison,” Pacifix laughs while leaning into his drink. He’s unphased by the abuse. “You know, when I first came to Stormwind, folks were throwing apples at me, saying to ‘get a rope’—you don’t forget that kind of thing, right? I’m here to lend a little bit of DPS here or there, raise our allies as undead, just basically help out where I can.”

“DPS and tank? Give me a break,” the intoxicated hunter at the end of the bar continues. “And don’t get me started on those fucking monks, stealing all of our raid slots. Used to be you’d hop into the Deadmines with a couple hunters, a warrior, and a a sexy priest. That worked just fine; now they outsource all of it to these pandaren bastards. It’s not right.”

Pacifix shakes his head, taking a drink. “Druids have been doing that for years, you know? But that guy isn’t going to say anything, because he couldn’t even fuck a night elf in his dreams. Tell me I’m wrong.”

We didn’t challenge Pacifix’s assertion. “The thing is, when I’m tanking, I’m supposed to help that guy out when he pulls aggro, right? Now, I’m not saying I’d ever leave the guy high and dry, no matter how much I don’t like him, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I let him take an extra hit or two every now and then. I know a lot of demon hunters who turn around and do the same thing, and they’re not going to be saying any of this shit at some drinking hole somewhere. Because they’ve got vengeance shit to do.”

Pacifix stands up, signalling to us the interview is over. “Those are my kind of people, I’ll tell you. It’s easier that way, when you can just accept people for who they are and where they come from. That’s your jumping off point.”

“Fuck the Horde, though. Fucking savages,” Pacifix finished.

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