Everyone Apparently Just Going To Pretend They Haven’t Been Playing Minecraft This Whole Time

If you follow memes, as you should, you may have noticed a new trend: after a disappointing year for PC gaming, we’re looking back to the golden age, which means that Minecraft is back. Mojang’s big hit, shadowed only by the earth-shattering success of their competitive arena fighter Cobalt, is gracing computer screens again, and strangely no one even needed to update to the new version. Neat!

Matthew Reiclub, who just last week referred to Minecraft fans as “Roblox players who work at Walgreens,” has turned a new leaf, and is excited to get into the game while curiously requiring no period of learning the games many new mechanics and features. “This game is really hitting me in my nostalgia, guys,” he says. “Anyone want to join my already very established server? I built all of this last night, when it became socially appropriate to do so.”

Since most people have allegedly stopped playing the game, there have been several updates; most notably the “Update Aquatic,” which added a vast amount of life and content to the game’s oceans. Pandas have also been added in a December update, an addition that generally heralds a period of excellent content to most games.

“Look who came crawling back,” says Minecraft YouTuber CaptainSparklez, who told Nerfwire he has experienced “absolutely no drop in viewership or change in demographic whatsoever” in the last several years. “Now maybe I can get some likes on Facebook for once.”

When we asked Notch whether or not he’s been enjoying the game of his own creation, he replied, “No, of course not. Jesus, what year is it?”

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