Entirety Of Fallout 76 Storyline Consists Of Playing In-Game Version Of Skyrim

Fallout 76 is going to be a bit of a departure from the usual formula,” Todd Howard begins as the applause dies down. “But don’t worry—I know that there have been a lot of rumors since the announcement, and there are some things that I can shed light on.”

Fallout 76 made waves online after its announcement, with many alleged leaks purporting that the game would be a multiplayer survival game akin to the likes of Rust and Ark: Survival. Fans of the Fallout franchise held nothing back on social media, expressing their concern for the new game’s direction.

“The game will be primarily a multiplayer experience,” Todd announced, clearing up some suspicions. “And this obviously impacts the core gameplay. I know this is new to Fallout, and even to Bethesda. You’ll be happy to know, though—the very essence of this game is something that you’re very used to. And by that I mean that the entire gaming experience of Fallout 76 will be a single-player emulated version of Skyrim on a couch with your co-op partner, who can only watch.”

It seems that Skyrim, already panned by the gaming community for its wide release over many platforms, will be further immortalized by the in-game version, which will run on a Vault-Tec terminal that Howard calls “our most innovative port yet.”

When asked at press time whether or not players would be able to explore the wasteland outside the vault, Howard simply stated, “Well, Skyrim is a long game.”