Entire Discord Server Would Hate Each Other In Literally Any Other Setting

A group of unlikely friends will be meeting up online this Monday as they always do, to play several rounds of Overwatch and exchange pleasantries over Discord. Their Discord server, “OverFriends,” is a social ecosystem that survives solely on the thin veneer of anonymity that comes with screen names and anime profile pictures. It has been populated by the five gamers since David “KleenexBandit” Ameville and Aaron “MantCeltBteelSeams” Baker met while fighting together in the popular hero-based shooter.

“David’s my bro,” claims Aaron, who would not even consider speaking to David in literally any other social setting. “I remember the first time we met. I was playing Bastion, I’m about to get in hot water with this Junkrat, and all of a sudden this Reinhardt just puts his shield up in front of me. We’ve been a squad ever since.”

Ameville, who would disown Baker as a friend and teammate if he had a single inkling about his political leanings, DeviantArt account, or opinion on the new Star Wars movies, says “It was cool to introduce my friends to his friends. Everyone got along pretty well, so we got the server together. It’s nice to be able to just hop into voice chat and have someone across the country that I’ve never met keep me company.”

A quick glance at the server’s general chat reveals the internet friends conversing about new changes in the game, and not about how Ameville would probably despise Baker on sight based on his haircut alone, before even hearing about his Ska band, “Ska Patrol.”

Baker and his two colleagues who are also part of the server work at a wildlife conservation CRO called “People for Plants” in Washington DC. Ameville is the co-founder of the political group “Fuck Trees.”

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