Enemy Who Dropped Glass Tincture Of Own Sweat Raising More Questions Than Answers

A troll killed in World of Warcraft dropped a tincture of his own sweat this last Thursday during a routine Alliance killing of his entire village, raising more questions than answers for researchers of why or how this sweat was collected, or why there was apparently a market for this item.

“Da trolls be very resourceful, mon,” explained Rujin Mohanlal, troll shaman and Alliance war prisoner. Before he was able to elaborate on what this specific resource could possibly be of any use for, he was carted away, presumably to be let free, as our guide assured us.

When asked why they were interested in spending their hard-earned copper on vials of troll sweat, many merchants would simply not provide a comment, with several gnome merchants simply claiming “sex stuff.” Independent research conducted by Nerfwire suggested that trolls may use the sweat as some sort of ritualistic shaman reagent. However, when interviewed, several Drakkari gods told Nerfwire, “No, gross.”

During the story, Nerfwire uncovered that troll blood is also a commodity commonly traded among the Alliance, which we found to be notable as the Horde doesn’t go around buying and selling “human blood.” We did find that gnome blood had a market, however, which merchants claimed was for “sex stuff.”

At press time, numerous trolls were seen weeping at the loss of their precious family heirlooms, making sure to capture their tears in tiny glass vials.

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