Emulating Games Is Wrong And My Mom Just Bought Me A Nintendo Switch

Look, guys: I get it. You’ve got this powerful rig, you put all this time into building it, and you just want to play a bit of Super Mario: Odyssey. After all, why shouldn’t you? I’m sick of waiting to play Red Dead Redemption 2 too, but there’s one thing we need to keep in mind—downloading ROMs of published games with the intent to emulate them is piracy, which my Mom who just bought me a Nintendo Switch says is wrong.

Emulation has come far—the Cemu WiiU emulator can run Breath of the Wild with ease, on relatively simple hardware, and the Switch has such a similar architecture that the Yuzu Switch emulator has made leaps and bounds on a timeline that a lot of people wouldn’t have thought possible, with some games even being playable on launch. And look, I hear you, you’re saying “but wait, you played all of Breath of the Wild on an Xbox controller,” and I understand your point. Let me address it fully.

Moving on, what we need to keep in mind is that these games are painstakingly designed to be played in a certain way by dedicated teams that give years of their lives to provide us the best experience possible. Emulating these games not only changes the way the game is experienced beyond what was originally designed, but also makes sure that these teams aren’t compensated for their hard work.

The solution? Wait until your folks are going through a rocky patch and drop some hints about how much you want a console at the dinner table. That’s how we all got our Playstation 2s too, so nobody give me any looks, alright?

Part of the joy of gaming, part of the childlike wonder, is that we don’t have access to everything. Not all games have cheat codes; you don’t get to just play any game you want. That’s the reason that you 100 percented the Ratchet and Clank series so many times. If you’re not able to hack and skip your way through a game you got for free on an emulator, you’ll enjoy it more. I promise. 

Wait, the original Red Dead is playable on RPCS3? How easy is it to get set up?