Elden Ring Lore Explained: Yes, Godrick Grafted A Ton Of Dicks Onto Himself

The lore of FromSoftware’s games is notoriously opaque, hidden away in cryptic NPC dialogue and item descriptions. That being said, we here at Nerfwire are some of the foremost lore experts that you can find online, and we have answers to questions that (according to Google search trends) are keeping gamers up at night. Without further ado, here’s the revelation you’ve all surely been waiting for: Godrick the Grafted did indeed graft several additional penises onto himself.

If you’re unfamiliar, Godrick the Grafted is a distant member of the Golden Lineage. While weaker than most other children of Marika and Godfrey (the original Elden Lord), he attempts to gain power by engaging in the gruesome process of grafting: splitting and harvesting the bodies of Tarnished and implanting their flesh onto himself. This creates his signature multi-armed (and multi-cocked) appearance.

How do we know that Godrick is rocking a whole bouquet of chodes? First, by looking at his character, we can conclude that Godrick suffers from what is commonly known as “little dick energy.” For instance, his title, Godrick The Golden, appears to be self-appointed, which is extremely cringe. Additionally, his cowardice during the battle of the Leyndell is well and widely known. Instead of fighting his other demigod siblings, he used the mimic veil to disguise himself as a woman and escape the royal city like a total manlet.

The very act of grafting indicates that Godrick is insecure about his body. That being the case, it would be quite simple for Godrick to simply throw some extra slices of pepperoni onto the pizza pie if you catch our drift. If he’s willing to graft an entire dragon head to his arm, then he is undoubtedly willing to gain an extra sausage or two.

While we don’t know how many dongs Godrick has exactly, it’s safe to say that he likely has at least two. As time goes on and more secrets are uncovered, we may one day know for sure what old Godrick has dangling in his trousers. It’s not unfathomable that he even threw in a coochie, just to kinda see what it’s like, y’know?

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