Dystopian Future Imminent In Which All Activity Has Twitch Chat

Twitch is primarily known for video games and big-breasted women flagrantly breaking the website’s rules and getting away with it, but the popular streaming platform is branching out in the last few years. IRL streams allow chat to become ingrained in virtually every aspect of a broadcaster’s daily life, almost to the point where viewers become an omnipresent entity directly involved with every decision their favorite streamers make. Big Brother has a face, and that face is the Twitch smile emoji.

The world as we know it will soon fall into a constant state of monkaS. Every citizen will have smart visors mounted to their head so that Twitch chat will always be in their vision. Appeasing and remaining in good favor with chat will be the only way to survive in this new society. All must abide by the holy manuscripts of ToS. Thoughts or actions that deviate from advertiser-friendly content will be heavily reprimanded.

Streamers showing any signs of negativity during the mandated unboxing videos of government-sanctioned rations will be promptly swatted. Any attempts to hide from the authoritarian overlords will be in vain, as anyone in chat can drop 1,000 bits (the new global currency) to cue the sound alert “Hey, look! I’m hiding over here!” to pinpoint your location. 

Citizens foolish enough to resist the will of Think/pol/ will be shadowbanned, a process that involves being forcibly sent to undisclosed Amazon work camps to be physically and mentally tortured for thought crimes, as well as a thirty-day probation from Twitch. The last thing these poor souls will see as they are dragged away from their homes is a torrent of Jebaited and KEKW emojis flooding their eyepiece.

Unless, of course, that citizen is a large-breasted woman. They can flagrantly break the rules and get away with it. Their crimes are dealt with by a different law enforcement entity, commonly known as the Thot Police.

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