Dumbass: Well-Researched Internet Argument Has Single Spelling Error

Sources confirmed that you’re an absolute dumbass with a trash opinion yesterday evening after analysis found that the well-researched and thought-out internet argument that you had written and sourced before you went to bed contained a single spelling error.

“Oh, so you think that we’re ‘brigarding’?” replied fellow Redditor and objective winner of this exchange, PeachyPartot. “Can’t even read this garbage.” The comment, which you will still remember twenty years from now, garnered tens of upvotes, while your intricately constructed and statistically supported opinion sits at a laughably pathetic zero upvotes.

PeachyPartot, who stood up after posting his comment and put another notch in the tempered glass of his PC, could be found basking poolside while repeatedly commenting about how you were not even replying to his jabs, attributing this to the fact that you were “a little baby coward boy” instead of the fact that you were asleep. Additionally, he confirmed to us that he didn’t actually know your gender and was simply assuming when he called you a “boy.”

Upon review of the replies to your ill-fated comment, it appears that your childhood crush, favorite teacher from high school, and estranged father have all chimed in to remind you that you’re a worthless little toad that can’t even see little red squiggly lines and who could only have a completely invalid opinion.

At press time, Nerfwire’s staff laughed at you while you tried to post a defensive reply before finding out that you had been banned from the subreddit, ban reason: “brigarding.”

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