Dumbass Spells ‘Haha’ With J’s

If you’ve been playing online games long enough, you’ve learned not to expect much brain power from your teammates. While this normally applies to them making bad game decisions, sometimes the people you play with can’t even spell properly. There’s no wonder gamers are held in such low regard by society when this dumbass in my lobby tries spelling “haha” with J’s instead of H’s.

Nerfwire isn’t an educational website, but for the sake of our point here, let’s review the sound that the letters H and J make. H makes a breathy sound like in the words “hero” and “hello” while J makes a sharp sound like in the words “jello” and “January.” Say what you will about the fluidity of the English language, but some things that are non-negotiable. “Haha” is spelled as such, and there are absolutely no reasons or excuses anyone could muster to prove otherwise. I am the smart one; that other guy is an idiot.

When I saw my teammate try to laugh at my whiffed ultimate (my keyboard sensitivity was too high), he couldn’t even bother to mock me correctly. Not only is mocking a completely normal error a pretty low IQ move, but he couldn’t even stick the landing. Jaja? What the hell is that? Some Star Wars character everyone likes now?

To top it all off, this guy had the gall to call me racist and criticize my “Anglocentric” view of the world (whatever that means). All I’m trying to say is that letters make specific sounds and there’s absolutely no wiggle room there. The J doesn’t make an H sound; that’s a fact (which doesn’t care about your feelings in the slightest). I am very intelligent and my former teammate is really dumb. He’s too dumb for gaming—maybe he needs to find another “jobby.”

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