Drunk Stream Quickly Turns Into Permanent Ban Stream

Sad news from the world of streaming today as variety streamer Greg “2Nice” Prinning’s lighthearted drunk stream quickly turned into a permanent ban stream. 

The stream began like any other. 2Nice came in with high energy and enthusiasm which quickly gave way to extreme boredom as he dully played one of the 10,000 games his chat had encouraged him to buy during his streaming career. His solution to this ennui was simple: a drunk stream. He would do a shot for every death he got in Halo 3’s Legendary campaign. He was sloshed within the hour.

“Now listen to me,” said a visibly inebriated 2Nice, slurring his words. “I’m not saying that the Jews control the government. I’m not! But if you look at the top, you’re going to see a lot of Bergs and Steins, I’m just saying. Fucking brutes got me again, let me pour another one out. Fuck, I spilled all over my Razer mouse. By the way, check my bio for a discount code on that.” At this point, 2Nice paused to vomit into a trash can. “Yeah. Okay, I gotta piss.”

Three hours of this behavior culminated in 2Nice being less than careful when clicking links sent by his viewers, leading him to being first rickrolled, then gnomed, and finally ending up on multiple pornographic websites. While he closed these tabs as quickly as a drunk person could, the incidents ultimately sealed 2Nice’s fate, resulting in a permanent ban.

“We here at Twitch pride ourselves on free expression,” declared the official statement from the streaming service. “But there are certain lines we have to draw in order to maintain the integrity and safety of our community. For example, a group of bikini-clad women massaging each other in a hot tub while kind of playing Fall Guys would be perfectly acceptable content. But even a single frame of full nudity, even on a stream with the mature content rating, has the power to utterly destroy Twitch and devastate its viewers.”

Now that he’s finished with drunk streaming, 2Nice reports that he now intends to spend the rest of his days drunk living.

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