Druid Pretty Sure Herbalism Trainer Describing Marijuana

“I’m glad you’re here, hero,” says Tannysa, the beginner’s herbalism trainer in Stormwind. “I need you to find an herb for me.”

“It’s called Emerald Dream. Or actually it might have been called Elune OG. Anyway, I need you to get some for me. Do you know that farmer there in the trade district? Alliance army took everything? Ask him, he should be able to track some down for you.”

When the hero inquired where he could find this herb in nature, and the properties it could possess, Tannysa replied, “Find it in nature? Shit, if you ever see some growing in nature you let me know, hero. I used to grow some in nature too, if you know what I mean, but the guards were on my ass about it. Ever visit Darnassus? You can just get some at a coffee shop there, it’s nuts. Cheap, too. And what, properties? You mean what does it do? Uh… well, you know that herb from last week where, when you ate it, it turned you into a little purple gnome? This stuff makes that really, really funny.”

In what she halfheartedly called a “quest,” Tannysa asked our Hero of Azeroth to get “I don’t know, five? How many people are coming tonight” of the herb and bring it back for a gold reward, in addition to an increase in herbalism level, or as she described it: “You want to raise your herbalism? We’ll get it higher, don’t you worry about that.”

At press time, Tannysa could be found at Stormwind Harbor, loudly exclaiming, “Look at how big that fucking boat is. How does it float? It’s the size of a fucking whale. Wait, whales—wait—whales are underwater boats, and their passenger is just the whale. What.