Diablo IV Announced For The Next Seven BlizzCons

Diablo has always been at the core of our identity here at Blizzard,” says Luis Barriga, game director for the upcoming Diablo IV. “We’ve got so much more to share with you. We put our heart and souls into this project, and after the bump we got from the trailer this year, there’s no way we’re missing out on milking this thing for everything it’s got. With that being said, I’m happy to announce Diablo IV—coming eventually—for the next seven BlizzCons.”

While the scope of what we’ll be seeing up until 2026 wasn’t fully explained by Barriga, Blizzard fans everywhere seem relieved by this move. Barriga goes on to say, “I mean, Lord knows what we’re going to fucking do in 2020. You’re really going to want to just unwind with a nice, polished Diablo IV cinematic at the end of the year to forgot all of the… I don’t know, brutal animal testing we did for Overwatch 2, or something. We’ll figure that part out.”

Having seven years of confirmed, cognitive-dissonance-numbing gameplay trailers from the Diablo team might be the best present that Blizzard can offer its fanbase right now, especially after a sincere, comprehensive apology is off the table.

“I for one am happy that Blizzard has finally recognized a new Diablo game for what it is,” says Reddit user Big_Toast. “Not an upcoming release that we’ll play and enjoy for years, but a false hope that lets us all forget what they’re going to do to those poor dogs playing Overwatch 2.”

Another Reddit user, AutoBotPink, shared, “I’ve just been playing WoW Classic, and pretending that Metzen was still alive and that the team was working on Burning Crusade and everything was going to be okay. Knowing that I’ll be able to forgive Blizzard for the next seven years due to these Diablo trailers isn’t just a relief for me—it’s allowing me to return back to everyday reality. Thanks, Luis Barriga, and thanks for Mambo No. 5 while I’m at it. It’s a good song.”

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